red, black and the blues

I met a little gypsy
in a fortune-telling place
she read my mind
and then she slapped my face.

if it wasn’t
for bad luck
I wouldn’t have no luck at all
I’ve been down
so long
it feels like up to me after all.

I saw a broom drearily
sweeping up
the broken pieces of yesterday’s life
a queen is weeping
somewhere a king has no wife.

when she’s sad
she comes to me
a thousand smiles, I give to her for free
its alright
I say its alright
take anything you want from me.

I tried to give her
when her old man had let her down
like a fool, I fell in love
with her,
turned my whole world upside down.

I’m not gonna give up
on love
love’s not gonna give up on me
every tear I cried
only washed away the fear inside
it’s not hard, can’t you see?

I’ll wait
in this place
where the sun never shines
in this place
where my shadow runs from mine.

but when
my earthly trails
are over
carry my body out in the sea
save all the
mortician bills
and let the mermaids flirt with me.