Don’t be paperweights
holding down
loose leaves
of your scribbles,
and release them
in the wind.

They may not hold secrets
deep enough, you believe,
worth our time
if the sheets
inquisitive eyes might
catch a glimpse of
your ink blots on each page
and pass on your
courageous tale.

Height and Width

their hands move quickly.
twist, turn, bend then close the lap and
lock the flap
and it’s done.
the box is made.

weight. contents. bar-code. invoice.
the box is ready to leave the building.

so many layers
to the box and to us
and yet,
we are still free out of the box.

under this blue urban sky
between the infinite shadows and puddles
on the main street
like many years ago,
in addition to the height and the width,
we are
the shallow depth.

and we have memory of