To all those reading this,

Thank You.

I bought a journal last year.
Decided to write in it everyday.
But who was I kidding?

Being me, I barely wrote in it.

Days passed. Then weeks. And then months.

Sometimes I’d open it, my journal, and just sit there scribbling with my pencil,
no idea what to write.

Other times, I’d actually write something good.

A poem. A story. About people and things they do.
To-do lists. Different ideas. Plan of action. Elevator pitches.

More to-do lists.

Checking them off. Highlighting important stuff.

And the year went by.
And then just like that, time’s up.

One day, I stopped.

The lists were still incomplete. More poem were to be written. More stories to be told.

More plans to be made.


I sighed, and went back to the very first page.
In big bold letters, it was written “BREATHE”.

I closed the journal, and looked outside the window.

The sun was beautiful.
I looked at the sun and said,

“It’s not that hard. See I’ve completed another trip around you.”