The night before

I love you.

she said and started walking
down the stairs
her hair swayed like
the boston leaves
she stopped outside her door
her lips
paired with her shrilling green eyes
all of that says it all,
Almost all
that’s ever been said about love.

she stayed there, waiting
to hear a reply
one she heard everyday.

But this time
my lips didn’t move
my senses left me and I just stood
gazing into the vastness of the night before.

There She was
sitting next to me, our legs intertwined
with slow music and glasses of red wine
my left arm around Her
we reminisced about our past
for hours
before I looked at Her deep blue eyes
I pulled Her closer
and we closed our eyes.

Soon enough, we both were oxygen,
and we were both dying to breathe.

she was still standing at her door
looking at me, her green eyes waiting.
I took in a breath,
and without a word went in.