Rocket Man

His eyes were red, weary, just like the dead beat you can undeniably sense inside him. But alive.

I’ve seen a lot of people who keep their body and soul together. Merely survive. He was one of those fortunate ones who actually live. “I don’t know if I’m ready for this.” He said, while shifting his weight on the back of his chair, allowing his body to be in complete sync with his mind. “But DC will be so cool if I get it.”

There was something about this DC place that he gets and I don’t. It’s not that I haven’t tried. “Way too cold for me.” That was my reasoning. Now that I think of, it was more of an excuse. “But think of living in the capital of the most powerful country in the World.”

No sir.

I like my Sun better.

“Well I hope to be having an affair with my Sun in California while you go crazy with those Congressmen.” Hopefully. “True. That stuff is boring. But it’s DC.” He lost me again at DC. By then I was pretty sure that either I’m missing something, or he’s just obsessed with the idea of that place. I decided not to reach to a conclusion.

Something exhilarating happens inside his body that lifts him up when you talk about anything with him. Literally, anything. One thing for sure. He listens. Few do these days. And he isn’t afraid to make a decision. I’ve known a lot of people who struggle with the simplest of conclusions, just because of the uncertainty, and then they wonder why things don’t go like they’ve always wanted to, but not him. No wonder that helps him everywhere.

And for somebody who’s trying a bit of change after a long period of self-destruction, I’d say the progress was satisfactory. Still a room for a whole hell lot of improvement. But still, things were better.

After conquering more stars in our imaginary skies, I was incentivized to be a rocket man again and get my plane ready for its first flight. I got back to my zen which was purified by the riffs of 70’s. After an hour or so, there came a time when some satisfaction finally dawned upon me and I decided to be the procrastinator I was few hours ago again. While passing through him, I heard his voice comforting someone on the other side of his phone.

His eyes were still red. But with a little more determination and focus this time. I decided not to create more distractions, which I’m really good at. It felt like someone was already flying high in his imaginary sky.

Dust in the Wind

you got
sound in your ears
that touch you
like thorns of the bush
the light from the window
is killing the dark that
you crave
is it gonna be good times
if you do
what you thought of last night?
or are you gonna
stay there
and dream
and be content becoming a slave?

the day’s not going
to wait
if you look
it’s already on time
the cool breeze merely
before random breaths overshadows
its mind
when the little flight
in the sky
starts running away
of that sight
will you be
dust in the wind?
or break out
and shine in bright?