Mujhko jeena aa gya

Dil mein na jaane kitni khwahishein thi,
kuch zahir hui aur kuch adhoori hi reh gyi,
par un palon mein jo ehsaas hua,
saari kaynaat mein aisa izhaar hua,
laga ki ab mujhko jeena aa gaya,
saanson ko thaamkar ab mujhko chalna aa gaya…

Manzilon mein kitne hi raahi mile,
par saath chalne waale na jaane kahan reh gaye,
un sapno ka pechha karte hue kaafi door nikal aye,
kab mudke dekha to sirf pehchaane hue raaste nazar aye,
par koi afsos na tha ye jaankar ki un raaston par akele chalna aa gya,
bas yahi ehsaas tha ki mujhko jeena aa gaya…


You’ve got magic in your hands and love in your heart.

Remember walking through the park accompanied with the humid air heated up to its limit. The sensation of the sun burning against the back reminded of the harsh times. The shade was the desire that didn’t take long to fulfill. As you sat down under the comfort of green, it all changed. Suddenly, the green was gone and it was all red and brown and yellow.

The green was gone, and so was the usual nature and the constancy of the beloved star. The mood swings got better and changes became hard to embrace. Still, there was the same wind, which just flew differently now. Same sun, which now shone when he felt like. No more boredom for him.

There were feeling now. Emotions. Here and there. The weather started to play with emotions. Emotions of different kinds. Some were drowning in their dripping drops, while others were trying their best to survive through the storm.

And so can you.

You’ve got magic in your hands and love in your heart.

Back to the stars

those dreams, they were different,
making it hard to fall,
into the deep pit of dark,
inside the dim hall,

the yellow lamely fighting the black,
but firmly standing its minor ground,
i couldn’t help but notice,
the beauty of the moment around,

as the knob turned around,
the warmth of the night felt alive,
the shift of the focus towards the sky,
told me i wasn’t the only dreaming tonight,

shining, they were,
quite awake,
i stayed really quiet,
in my world of believe and make,

one by one they flew,
they flew far away out of my jar,
i felt like leaving the ground,
and going back to the stars.