i knew
there was something coming
it had to be
it was
meant to be
i could sense it
so did
everyone sitting around
the open place
charmed by
those beautiful instruments
by people from
around the world
living life
on that wonderful
irish land.

or maybe not.

maybe they didn’t
sense that coming
but it was
all over the place
in every motivated breath
you take
in every puff of smoke
that intimidates you
right in your eyes
hits your
tipsy soul
and makes you wonder
what it will be like
when it hits you
nothing like
you’ve been having
since all night now.

maybe nobody imagined
or ever wondered
but i was waiting
among the cheering people
for that exact moment.

and then it came
decided to stood by
glances were exchanged
i felt them
inhaling the deep breath
this was calm
before the storm
and then suddenly
the next moment
it was all

Just few thousand miles

the light
it went away quite fast
without any sign
of coming back
weren’t you suppose
to fill in the void?
be the sun in my sky?
i know someday
you’ll have a beautiful life
you’ll find your dark
you embrace
you’ll be a sun
in somebody else’s sky
it won’t be mine
mine goes on
and suddenly
i find myself in dark woods
its tempting
to stop by
these woods on a snowy evening
these woods are lovely
dark and deep
but i have promises to keep
and miles to go
before i sleep
miles to go
before i sleep..