The Evil Twin

Seen you walking under the carpet of stars,

Holding hands with him, going far,

Moon light was enough to blind,

Was he unaware or were you too kind?

Why don’t you walk far away,

But instead you just let him say,

You pull him close, won’t let him go,

Why hide the pain that you plan to throw?

Those close breaths fill your moments,

Big promises satisfy your pride,

Soft tender touches fulfill your needs,

What about the things you hide?

Nobody’s watching you doing that,

Even the one who is being harassed,

Too blinded he is by the feeling he has,

Like nobody felt before but you’ll still mess,

Just waiting for the love to kill slowly,

You’re too used to commit this sin,

So easy for you to smile and carry on,

It’s not you, it’s your evil twin..

One thought on “The Evil Twin

  1. I miss finding ridiculous piece pf writing on chits that used to be omnipresent in our room.
    Well i kind of figured you out with that cute german you mentioned.
    The best line being “So easy for you to smile and carry on,” .

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