The reason why I have home

Though we don’t talk like before,

You still feel the same I’m sure,

I never grew up in your eyes,

Just went far away after saying goodbyes,

Now and then I always feel,

The absence of your presence that always healed,

The soul and made me smile,

Even though the separation is a few thousand miles,

The way you granted my every wish,

It’s not like this is the only thing I miss,

But the fact I was so important to you,

The love, even the sacrifices too,

You are the reason why I have home,

I know when I’m lost I don’t have to roam,

I can just in your lap,

And forget the world and all it’s crap,

Though it’ll be long but the time will pass,

And when there’s dew on the grass,

That day I’ll be by your side,

And feel like a child again when you kiss me goodnight…

Until this moment…

All the things we did,

All the time we spent,

Looking in each other’s eyes,

We dreamed until the moon went,

Away and the light in the sky,

Still wasn’t bright as the shine,

In your eyes whenever I saw,

Wished I could make you mine,

Until this moment,

When you walked away,

Against your wish,

You could have stayed,

Under his burden,

But for the coming days,

I’ll be just waiting here,

For the same rays,

That used to brighten up my life,

That laugh which was a piece of art,

Don’t be so far away,

From you, I can never stay apart…