You walk in. The door welcomes and greets you on your way. There is a hallway right in front of you. Football, Basketball, Cricket, Tennis, and all other sports have there own entrances on your left and right. You turn to your left after going a bit further. The text on the door right in front of you says “Football”. As soon as you stand in front of it, it changes from being a door to your personal companion. It asks you who your favorite Football player is. You go down your memory lane and in the end, come up with a name that every football fan is aware of!

Your new companion shows you the list of honors your favorite player has ever received, making you proud of who you support. Then he asks you your favorite team is, and again, it makes you proud of who you support. What a feeling! Now that you’re filled of those great feelings, you are asked whether you need any assistance or not. Since this is your first time in here, you say yes. A person comes up to assist you, and this is not any ordinary person! He is the person who knows everything about your favorite game, and this way, he is the most helpful person for you right now.

Now, it’s time to see what was invisible for you till now. You walk in with your assistant, and the things inside just amazes you! It’s just the dressing-room you’ve always wanted to be in! Everything you can ever want to see related to your favorite sport in a single place. Whether it’s the equipment, the trophies, the history, everything. Past, present and the future at the same place! The adrenaline rush inside you tells how excited you are to see all this and experience this. But it’s not the best part. The best is yet to come!

You see these pair of newly designed cleats that you always wanted to get. But yes, it’s way too expensive! You don’t show that feeling on your face, but your heart knows that feeling, only if you had enough money for those. But this assistant you have, right next to you, knows how that feels. He’s been there, just like you. But you move on from those pair, and you find a one that you like, plus it’s also affordable. So what next? You try it on and just buy it?

Not gonna happen here Sir! You wear them, and if it fits you, your assistant has a surprise for you! He leads you straight from that dressing-room to the ground. Yes, you heard it right, to the Football ground! That feeling you get when you leave the dressing room for the ground, ah! So now your assistant tells you to be ready. There’s a goal post right in front of you and there’s some balls too! How can you buy a pair of cleats without even trying them in the real field, right?! You take a step back, and with a deep breath underneath your excitement, you kick the ball….and it’s goal!

So you like these shoes? Good! But wait. Remember the assistant had a surprise for you? It wasn’t this ground he took you on. It’s the pair of those shoes you can’t afford to buy, and since you can’t buy them, you can still try them, right? 🙂

It’s turning out to be the one of your best days of your life! Everything you’ve ever dreamed of is coming true. Playing on the field wearing the shoes Ronaldo and Messi are wearing nowadays, yeah baby!

Most will say what a great dream, but too good to come true. I will just say this, “It’s not a dream, it’s a vision!

Dreams and vision


“Our vision is only actionable if we share it. Without sharing, it’s just a figment of our imagination.”

-Simon Sinek


You are a teacher…..yes YOU!

I just realized something…Everyone in this world is a teacher! Not literally everyone is teaching in a school or a university, but everyone is still a teacher. Now how can everyone be a teacher? Don’t we need other people also in this world? Yes, there are a lot of occupations in this planet but the one I’m talking about is not an occupation. Recently I was reading a blog on how to do something that matters, and I read these lines,

“The simple process goes something like this:

  1. Know yourself. Wake up to your talents, your strengths, the things you love and hate.
  2. Use it to help others in a meaningful way.
  3. Offer a fair price in exchange for your help (or work with a person or company already having the impact you want to have).”

If you look at these lines closely and carefully, you’ll understand what I mean. Its saying to know your talents, help others, and earn some money! Think for a while, that’s what teacher do. They are good at their own subjects. They help their students. And they earn some good money too!  And not just teachers, every occupation in this world do the same thing. They help people and earn money.

So doesn’t that make this world a place full of teachers where everyone is helping each other, even if it is to earn money? Lawyers, doctors, engineers, burger guys, cleaners, and everyone you can think of is teaching and helping everyone around them. Now the fact that they are teaching everyone around them doesn’t sound so logical, right? How are they teaching?

Teaching is what occurs when you help someone. When you help someone, you teach that person how to do that job. Even if you don’t do that, like some would say that if a doctor performs a surgery, he is not teaching his patient how to do a surgery, and that’s right also! But he’s teaching far more important things than just doing a surgery. He’s teaching him that there are people in this world willing to help him. Your each and every action is teaching someone something. This is a really, really important thing than anything else. Because that teaching doesn’t stop at him learning it, it continues on and on to other people as well. It’s a kind of chain reaction, but this time, it’s not a harmful one!

Everyone is a teacher in his/her own way….So what are you teaching to this world? 😀

thank you!

The Lost Butterfly

The flow of water was satisfying enough,

to block other similar sounds,

but still you can hear the sound of,

the tears that were trickling down,


Last thing to expect in such a setting,

Where others laughed in vain,

and this one sitting next to the fountain,

with her head down in an unknown pain,


Not much of a similar sight this was,

When you knew this wasn’t natural,

Confused, curious, still stuck whether to,

go over or stand there like an admiral,


Curious because it’s never happened before,

confused because why is it even there,

couldn’t see it but don’t really know,

what to do when you’re here,


It was the same when you see a butterfly,

stuck fiercely in a tornado,

when she knows she can’t do anything,

she just closes her eyes and let it go,


You would have witnessed this butterfly,

from spreading her wings and flying,

to the situation where you just had enough,

you can’t really do anything better than crying,


The point where everything’s lost,

and nothing’s happening your way,

it’s the force that stops you,

there’s nothing she could really say,


Eyes wet, and mind wandering away,

lost in a faraway distant land,

you tried to help but in vain,

like pouring water through the sand,


The sun rose up but memories still there,

you can just guess what went wrong,

nobody’s going to tell you or help you,

since the one isn’t writing this song…

lost butterfly