Revenge of the Fallen

The life is against me,

Following her is the time,

Everything going out of the way,

Life’s not merely a rhyme…


Black skies looking merciless,

No question of luck being on my side,

My inside pulling me beneath the surface,

My fears running for a place to hide…

But Life cannot tell me,

The way I’ve to live,

Nor can the faces around…

Now is the time,

To take my paranoia out,

To let my fears drown…

Deeply reflecting on my past,

Buried somewhere which I once had,

Where mistakes were clearly left out,

And feelings were never said…


It holds no love, peace or harmony,

Just bits of memories, there is a dearth,

But now I’m keenly waiting,

For my new-to-world birth…

Now is the time,

To change the things,

To find a space in this egoistic place…

These faces tell me,

Its not that easy,

But I’m sure I’ll find a thousand ways…

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