Does Santa really exist ?

Merry Christmas to you all! I know the Christmas means a lot of things to different people, but for me its an amazing festival with an interesting history behind it. Since I’m Indian, a Hindu to be specific, we don’t celebrate Christmas like the Christians. But thanks to my ‘Loving Parents’, they taught me early in my life to celebrate all the festivals.

When I was little, and believed in everything that seemed good, my parents used to tell me the day before christmas, that Santa Claus will come and put the presents under the pillow if I go to sleep early. And I still remember the excitement and sudden rush of joy I used to had when I used to see chocolates and gifts under my pillow after waking up! It’s truly an amazing moment for any kid.

Then something happened. I grew 🙂 And the belief in Santa Claus was now buried in the great old story books. I then believed that no Santa exists, it was just my parents who hid all the gifts and chocolates for me under my pillow. How much they loved me that they made me believe that its really the good ol’ Santa! But today as I was walking down the street and looking through the shops, I suddenly came across a child asking his father about the gifts Santa Claus would bring him if he behaved as a good kid! (there are some conditions too ;-)) That kid went on with many questions, like “Where do Santa get those gifts?”, “Does he really live in the North Pole or the South Pole?”, etc. His father remained silent on all his doubts. Finally, he asked, “Dad, Does Santa really exist?” His father smiled a bit, and before he could answer his question, I walked up to him and replied, “Yes, he really exists…”

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