The Smoker

The sudden movement and sound of curtain,

Caught my attention,

& I took the note…

The door was closed,

Just 2 of us,

Even the light was low…


He was there,

In front of me,

Taking something out of the box…

Then I realized,

That all was preparation,

For the world’s most popular hoax…


As he lighted,

The tip of the danger,

A puff of smoke came out…

I sat up confused,

Thinking from the past incidents,

What it was all about…


The smoke in the dark,

Grew thicker and thicker,

He kept forming clouds of smoke…

Was it about her,

Or the mistakes he had done,

Or some bad dream in the morning when he woke…


The breathe was deep,

Keeping it calm,

He was lost in the thoughts in his mind…

I still wonder,

What they say to him,

Or do the really just bind?


Binding together,

The past forever,

& clouding the vision of future…

It stands as a wall,

Between the transition,

Making it possible to be lost forever…


The last pieces,

When put together,

Didn’t give a clue of this…

To clear them away,

Was as easy as dying,

But broken was the inner of his…

The clue was gone,

The smoke went away,

But the memories were fresh in the air…

No reasons were there,

No explanations were given,

Will it lead to him anywhere?