Just 20 kms from Shimla…!

Hey everyone! Back again with a brand new story to tell you all. The title says it all( at least it tries to say something..!). Today I’ll give you some nice shots for your eyes of my college, which is ‘Just 20 kms from Shimla‘! And for those who don’t know Shimla, I should tell you that its a beautiful city with beautiful people, on beautiful hills, and set across a beautiful scenario. So enough of the ‘beautiful’ talk, let me continue with my college pics. Here you go !

This is the ‘beautiful’ morning scene 🙂

This is the ‘Great wall of, hmm…, my College!

The serenity of the temple…

Its just a lamp post at night, nothing else!

View outside my room…amazing na?!

The hostels view…

And the connector connecting the hostels 😉

Though sometimes it gets a bit scary outside!!!

So I hope you like the breathtaking and wonderful insights of my college and its weather, don’t you?

See you soon… 🙂



The Unknown Path…

Hey everyone! Back with another of my written piece of poetry, this one talks about the unknown path, the dreams of a person and his beliefs in themnjOy!

The vision, its far away, But belief is still alive,

Hoping to conquer everything, Willing to dig deep and dive…

To many of the living beings, The vision seems superficial,

But few of them only know, Its possible, not artificial…

The dream of only one, Not all dare to dream,

Waiting to be reality, Its my bejewelled queen…

Standing on the starting line, Unknown path waits for me,

It stands in the pride, Only few have traveled before me…

They say it has obstacles, But I say they’re hidden opportunities,

Waiting there, just to be discovered, By someone who has started his journey…

Though it maybe a bit tough,

Still it leads me to my dream,

The seeds of dream reaped deep inside,

Waiting to be a fully grown tree…


Hey Everyone! I’m back with my another creation extracted from my hobby 🙂

Its a poem called Addicted’. And don’t mind telling me if you don’t like it ( also tell me even if you like it!).

Remember those days,
When we sat on the river shore,
No rules, No ways,
We wanted nothing more…

When I looked deep into your eyes,
I would feel the calmness,
The depth of the blue ocean,
The breeze and its coolness…

The wind finding its way through your hair,
The moonlight shining on your face,
You seemed to be a fairy,
Just by God’s grace…

I took your hand in mine,
And felt the softest touch,
You closed your eyes and breathe in the moment,
I felt the same, more and much…

The whole place looked like heaven,
And the world stood still,
Some words were spoken, carried by the air,
Some empty spaces were filled…

Now when I think about those days,
I recollect the happy memories from them,
Now I know how much Addicted I was,
To you, my precious gem…