Discovering Strangers…!

Hey everyone! Whats going on guys ? I guess most of you will be busy in their daily and day-to-day routine work of office, etc. And odds are that you’ll be surrounded with lots of people working with you or simply associated to your work. So how much do you actually know about them(except their names¬†of course!)?

Since past few days, I’ve been travelling a lot and found out that strangers sitting next to you in a train, in plane or working with you can be interesting (and helpful too!). For example, I was travelling in train and a guy, maybe 2 years older than me, sat besides me. When I talked to him, I found out that he was one of my seniors from my school! And what ¬†journey I had then…! Similarly, there are others whom you can relate to.

The main thing is to break the self-created barrier which creates certain reasons in our mind why not to talk to others. So we switch to other things like iPod(great invention, no offense!) and cellphones. They virtually creates a wall and we are happy to be in our safe zone. But when we break the barrier and smile and just start with a “hi!”, we explore other zones and also bring others out of their comfort zones and make them comfortable in our newly created space. Quite simple, isn’t it?!!

So next time you see someone you want to talk to but your mind gives you 100000000 reasons to not to talk to him/her, just smile and say “hi!” and do it! Yes, really do it.